Dec. 13th, 2008

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The work stress is finally easing up after two months, so hopefully I will stop being plagued with dreams of spreadsheets and booking forms because dreams about work are not fun. One week to go, and then some much-deserved time off, yay.

Of course this means I'm a bit behind on my Christmas preparations and especially present buying... oh good, something else to panic about instead of work! I'm trying not to panic though, as [ profile] buddleia  seems to think this may be bad for me.

Went to meet my friend Paul in central London today for lunch and a natter and a quick wander round shops (wisely avoiding Oxford Street, we instead made a quick sortie through Covent Garden and Forbidden Planet). It was really nice to just chill and mooch for a few hours.

On the way home I was reminded of the madness of being out in Central London as it comes up to Saturday night - flee from the madness of the London drunk crowd! - as I saw no fewer than 30 people in different groups dressed as Santa - both male and female, and no they weren't collecting for charity either. They were definitely going for a night out. Dressed as Santa. In groups.... *shakes head*

And then on the train on the way home, as we were passing Clapham Junction, I saw an actual ginormous steam train! The windows were dimly lit as if by candle or gaslight, with very few passengers (only barely glimpsed in the gloom) and the train itself was very loud, with plumes of smoke. It must have been some special hire or more likely an organised special experience journey. Very cool to see... although with the gaslit steam train and the multiple Santas, I did feel like I was trapped in a Dr Who Christmas Special.

And today was too cold, too wet, and too crowded! Ahhhh, so nice to be home dry and warm with no more plans for the evening :)


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